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Are you selling release files?

NO, Im not selling the files, Im just providing accurate video tutorials for absolute beginners who wants to create their own private server the right way and easy way. The files is just only a BONUS for conveniency.

What is the difference with your files from the release?

Release files has lot of consequences:

  • NO support
  • NO Website included
  • NO Patcher
  • NO Animated Wingmask and SFX Wingmask
  • Buggy Landmounts and ugly mount models
  • Buggy systems
  • Outdated system and features
  • Outdated Database
  • Limited Models
  • Etc.

You are well known as SCAMMERS in RageZone / EPVP

Well, no one in this world really like competitors, Im their competitors so they dont like me.

Tell Ketchup how many buyers they abandoned after sales? Im one of them 8 years ago. so dont me.

If they create an accurate video tutorials for beginners step by step and easy way then why I waste my time? But no one of them did, why they care? They need money first scam later strategy.

if creating a video tutorial is a scam then tell that to Udemy course creators.

If helping newbies is a scam then why I got a lot of positive feedback? Did you wonder why those assuming devs from forums dont like to help newbies? You have to pay for them if you want to get their service and goodluck for the risk.

You are just paying me for my time spent creating tutorials and helping you and you are paying them if you want their service right? so what's the difference? The only difference is I am reliable, I have proof then telling me Im a scammer? LOL tell that to them. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Btw, careful to scammy Ketchup he is an abusive moderator in RageZone, everything truth comments for him will be deleted and banned automatically. It's not fair! https://imgur.com/s2JVfnI https://imgur.com/LAKJs6R Ketchup is so jelous because he don't know how to code systems, he don't know how to teach flyff for newbies, and try to message him, he will sell you fucking files ^_^ Goodluck!

For you Ketchup if you are reading this, Don't hide yourself behind RageZone walls. In the past 8 years you scammed a lot newbies telling them you are expert and legit. The truth will revelead you someday! ^_^

Lastly. Don't use Ketchup releases, be careful because giving FREE has it's benefits. The problem of that is these scammy devs especially Ketchup is injecting the source a backdoor. This drama is obvious, when you download it for free from his release, the next time you would do is message him for support, then He won't give you fucking support unless you offer him a $$$$ you know what I mean. If you can't afford it you really think it's not a problem, but the worst case is if you host your server live he will get notified automaticlaly and snip your server and hack your server then blaming me that my files is fucking unsecured then sending you a message and offer you $$$$ to secure your server. Make sense right? ^_^

Are you linked to Jonas or Rayjens?

Nop, I used some Jonas release resource on some of my models so I credit him.

Nop, I just hired Rayjens for my website, he owns an Digital Mrkg Agency, not related to flyff.

Why you creating accurate step by step video tutorials?

Im a newbie before, I experienced hardship when attempting to create my own private server before, the problem before until now is still no accurate or step by step tutorials on the internet to build your private server in a right way. You will experienced trial and error and end up giving up or hire scams devs like Ketchup. That's why Im here to help you so you dont need to experienced struggle and hardship like me before. I believed you come here to learn from my guides and support and I believed you want to start you private server in just only a minute right?

Why you need to sell your tutorials? there's a lot of reference on forums for free.

Well, first of all Im not literally selling it, Honestly the truth is you are just paying me for the time I spent helping you because no one does.

I can't forget my hardship before when Im trying to ask helps in forums how to, how this. And I bombard with many bullies, like "Google it. haha", "Noob, get out of here", "Check this link", "You are banned", "you are trash! get help yourself" hmm.. sounds familiar of these? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Any positive feedback?

Nice question, Absolutely there are countless of them.


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